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"Subtle Planes of Consciousness"

Consciousness operates at three distinct levels - these being Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Super-Conscious.

Sub-Conscious store-house of beliefs, values and impressions guides and controls the Conscious awareness of the people - resulting in a life that may be constrained and limited by the sub-conscious.

All interactive experiences of life create sub-conscious learning (values/beliefs) that can either create blinders or open up the perception to universal awareness.

At Subtle Planes of Consciousness, we strive to reach these subtler states of consciousness in order to remove those sub-conscious blocks that may be hindering the personal growth to reach the full human potential - be it in the material world or in the personal physical, emotional, mental or spiritual worlds.

We offer personal programs and services that clear the mind, remove the emotional and mental baggage, and make it possible to achieve not only self-actualization but also spiritual self-realization experiences.

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The three major problems people have in their life are related with Money, Health and Relationships. A right mind-set is the first step towards solving any of these issues. Here are some free lessons to begin thinking in a different way -
Lesson 1 - Intro

Lesson 2 - Law of Attraction

Lesson 3 - Thought Control

Lesson 4 - Goals

Lesson 5 - The Process

Lesson 6 - Belief

Lesson 7 - Taking Action

"Just Be"

For a few moments everyday, stop trying to achieve something or to get somewhere, or to think, worry or plan...just allow yourself to 'be here'.

"Creating Future"

You create your future by what you do 'today' and not by what you 'will do tomorrow'.

Whatever your goal may be, the action must be started today...now.


The underlying principle of growth is 'change'.

If you keep performing the same actions, you tend to get similar results.

Understand what stands in the way of achieving the right change through our growth related programs.


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